Board Agenda



Gymnasium - 6:30 p.m.

Accessible to the Handicapped 

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

Motion to appoint Jennifer Dunn as Clerk Pro Tem made by _____, seconded by _____. Yes ____   No _____

3. Oath of Allegiance for Elected BOE Member (5-year term member)

4. Nomination/Vote President

5. Nomination/Vote Vice-President

6. Oath of Allegiance for President & Vice President

7. Public Forum

  • Catholic Charities Overview

  • Title IX Policy Revisions

  • 2021-2022 Board Goals

8. Recommended Action: 

  1. Appointment: District Treasurer

  2. Appointment: Deputy Treasurer

  3. Appointment: District Clerk

  4. Appointment: District Tax Collector

  5. Appointment: Tax Collection Agent

  6. Approval: Tax Collect Processing Fee

  7. Appointment: Attorney for Special Matters

  8. Appointment: Census Enumerator

  9. Appointment of the Superintendent as: 

Chief Emergency Officer

Purchasing Agent

Certification of Payrolls 

Records Retention and Disposition Officer 

Designated Educational Official

Title IX Compliance Officer (sex discrimination)

Title VI Coordinator (race, color, national origin discrimination) 

ADA Compliance Officer 

Covid-19 Safety Coordinator

Information Privacy Officer

Foster Care – Point of Contact.

Residency Determination Representative - to make all determinations regarding the eligibility of students to enroll, on a tuition free basis, pursuant to Part 100.2 (y) of the regulations of the Commissioner of Education

  1. Authorize the Superintendent:

approve attendance at conferences, conventions, workshops

approve field trips, etc

approve building use requests

submit necessary applications for federally/specially aided projects or programs

approve pre-payments up to $75,000

approve budgetary transfers up to $5,000.00

approve all policies and code of ethics in effect at end of 2020-2021 school year or until action of the Board changes or deletes such policies or codes

evaluate, accept, and use Federal, State and Special funds for the development of projects which are intended to improve the district's educational programs

  1. Appointment of the Principal as: 

Assistant Purchasing Agent-Board of Education

Extraclassroom Deputy Treasurer (In absence of Central Treasurer)

Attendance Officer

  1. Appointment: AHERA Designee

  2. Appointment: Section 504 Compliance Officer

  3. Appointment: Medicaid Compliance Officer

  4. Appointment: Central Treasurer 

  5. Appointment: Data Privacy Officer

  6. Authorize the Treasurer:

to loan from the General Fund to the Cafeteria, Special, Federal Funds, Trust and Agency only such funds as are necessary to pay current payrolls and warrants until revenues are received for those respective funds.

to sign checks for the disbursements of all funds of the Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education during the 2020-2021 school year.

to make payments in advance of Board approval of  the claims for public utility services, postage, freight, express charges (1724 of Education Law), travel accommodations, insurance, void/lost checks, field trips, conferences, and licensing.

to invest school district monies in accordance with sections 1604a and 1723a of the Education Law and other pertinent rules and regulations.

  1. Designations: Official Bank, Official newspaper

  2. Appointment: Independent Auditor

  3. Approval: Regular Board Meetings

  4. Establish:  Petty Cash

  5. Approval:  Bond for District

  6. Approval: Mileage Reimbursement

  7. Approval:  BOCES service requests

  8. Approval:  St. Lawrence/Lewis Co-Op programs

  9. Approval:  Public Hearing, Annual Vote/Budget Vote

  10. Approval:  District Committees

  11. Approval: Dignity Act Coordinator

  12. Approval:  Depositor of Cafeteria Funds

  13. Certification:  2021 Graduates

  14. Approval: Free/Reduced Price Meals/Milk

  15. Appointment:  Surrogate Parent

  16. Appointment:  CSE Committee

  17. Appointment:  CSE Subcommittee

  18. Appointment:  CPSE Committee

  19. Approval:  Appointment of Substitutes 2021-2022

  20. Approval: Regular Minutes

  21. Approval: Warrants & Claims

  22. Approval: Policy Service

  23. Approval: Bus Use

9. Superintendent's Reports

10.       Board Comments

11. Adjournment


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